Case Study: MA Modules in Consulting

Over 500 participants have experienced the programme running at the Institute of Education in London. The course examines what consultancy is and how to be effective in the role of consultant. Many people with the title consultant say this is the first time they have examined the concept - and looks at the ways a consultant works with organisations and the people in them, particularly learning how to work in a client centred way. The programme helps participants use a structured approach to their work and develops face to face skills.


"The Graduate Certificate has been transformational. I have hugely enjoyed the stimulating programme and particularly the introduction to academic reading...this is the first training that relates directly to my work as an LEA officer." Participant letter.

"The course has been very worthwhile. I wish that I had attended this training before or at the start of my role (as a consultant). I had sometimes been unsure why my clients were not committed to acting upon my advice. I realise that they didn't have ownership of the issue and the course has made me think and given me ideas of ways in which I can improve my practice. The course has made me ask questions about my approach and given me a concrete model of consultancy that I am going to follow."

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